Leave a legacy

When the river walls have been upgraded, they will always require careful stewardship and investment. Please consider leaving a legacy in your will to the Alde and Ore Estuary Trust to help future generations protect the river landscape.

As well as helping support the causes and charities you care about, legacies are a very tax-efficient way to plan your charitable giving. It can help reduce your inheritance tax liability and a highly generous way of pledging your support today.  

“The first river defences were built by the monasteries in the 12th century and every generation since then has maintained them, improved them and rebuilt them when breached. In the 1861 census, there are about 10 people whose job was given as ‘Wall Man’. Flood defence is something that people round here have lived with and dealt with for all those centuries. I see it as this generation’s time now to do their bit in this long chain of stewardship.” - Sir Edward Greenwell, Chairman of the Alde and Ore Estuary Partnership.

If you would like to discuss leaving a legacy to the Alde and Ore Estuary Trust, please email us by completing the form below. Thank you.

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